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This book is told from the perspective of Tom Naemi, who shares his testimony which includes his experiences and the  people he met before he went to prison and while in prison. Most of the names have been changed to protect the identity of certain people with whom Tom has since made amends. This is his testimony told from his voice.

Each chapter addresses a particular prison Tom was locked in including fear, anger and revenge. The story unfolds with each chapter starting with a portion of his testimony in sequential order. Tom reflects back to what led him to prison and how he found true freedom behind bars. The story is about a man who finds freedom while living a life sentence because he finds it through Christ

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Official Author Description:

Tom Naemi is an international speaker; he has given his testimony and has spoken to thousands of people around the globe. Tom has participated in Prison Ministries since his release from prison in 2005. He is an active member of Eastern Catholic Re-evangelization Center (ECRC) where he oversees the monthly healing mass. He also conducts a bible study group with EJ Jonna. He has a YouTube Series produced by ECRC’s Mar Toma Productions called Freedom Behind Bars. The series has aired on the Noursat Network around the globe.