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I Was Healed At Sacred Heart Major Seminary By Jesus Through The Prayers Of Thomas Naemi On March 18, 2011. I Fell From A Corn Elevator 23 Years Ago Fracturing My Pelvis. I Had Also Broken My Ankle Twice Over The Years. These Injuries Had Left Me With Arthritis In The Joints And A Lot Of Sleepless Nights. I Had Been Struggling With Pain In My Legs For A Long Time, Mostly At Night. This Past Year Though, My Legs Were Becoming Weaker And Weaker. I Used To Bike To Work But Quit Last Summer As I Could Only Make It Half Way. I Also Stopped Going For Walks With My Wife As I Couldn’t Keep Up Or Go For Very Far. Then My Knees Started To Give Out And My Right Foot Would Seize Up On Me. I Would Have Someone Do My Job At Work Occasionally Because It Got So Bad. I Went To Different Doctors And Only Got Pills And Knee Braces. One Night I Came Home So Frustrated From The Night Shift (Ford Factory Worker) That I Sat On The Couch And Just Cried In Front Of My Wife. I Wasn’t Sure If I Could Keep Working, As I Could Not Keep Up Through The 8-Hour Shift. One Week Before My Healing At The Prayer Meeting We Went To Toronto For A Vacation. After Walking Around The Museum I Could Barely Walk Back To The Motel Room Without Hanging On To My Wife.

When The March 18 Prayer Meeting On Healing Was Over I Went In The Line For Confession. My Wife Came And Ordered Me Into The Room For Healing Where Tom Naemi Was. So I Went In And Ask For Prayers For My Legs. Tom And The Other Men Prayed Over Me. I Felt A Huge Pain Shoot Out My Right Knee And Thought They Made It Worse. Then I Felt Pins And Needles From The Waste Down. The Next Day My Legs Had New Strength In Them. I Helped Move My Sons’ Heavy Furniture Up And Down Stairs All Day. The Following Day, I Walked All The Way To The River With My Wife. I Have Had No Problem At Work Since. For A Whole Week From Friday To The Next Friday I Felt Like My Legs Had Cool Moist Air Blowing On Them, Especially All Around My Knees. It Has Been 22 Days Since I Was Prayed Over And I Have Not Had To Take One Pill For Pain At Night. It Is Hard To Explain To Others, The Change That Has Miraculously Happened To Me. I Think Of The Words Of St. Paul (1 Cor: 2:4), “ ..My Message And My Proclamation Were Not With Persuasive Words Of Wisdom, But With A Demonstration Of Spirit And Power, So That Your Faith Might Not Rest On Human Wisdom But On The POWER OF GOD.” Pray For Me Now, That I Use This Renewed

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