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Here Is The Testimony Of One Of Our Local Chiropractors, Completely Healed At Our Last Healing Service.

September 23, 2014
My Name Is Russell Willemin. I Am 59 Years Old. I Was Born And Raised In Portland, Michigan. I Attended St. Patrick’s School For Twelve Years, Central Michigan University For 4 Years And Life University For Four Years To Get My Doctorate In Chiropractic. I’ve Been Married For 36 ½ Years To Kathy And Have 3 Children And 4 Grandchildren. I’ve Practiced Chiropractic In Portland For Over 32 Years. In Early February Of 2014, I Was Diagnosed With Urothelial Carcinoma In My Right Kidney. April 21, I Had Surgery To Remove My Right Kidney, Right Ureter And Right Bladder Cuff. The Cancer Had Progressed To Stage IV And Was In The Lymphatics Around My Aorta And Was Inoperable. The Medical Oncologist Prescribed A Very Aggressive Chemotherapy. I Was Scheduled To Begin My Chemo On Monday, June 9. Prior To That, A Patient Of Mine From St. Mary’s Parish In Westphalia Told A Fellow Parishioner, Connie Hanses, About The Healing Service And Asked Connie To Suggest It To Me, Since Connie Has Been One Of My Lead Employees For The Last 12 Years.
I Encourage Anyone That’s Aware Of One Of These Healing Services To Tell Anyone They Know About It Because You Never Know Whose Life You’ll Change. Connie Told Me About It And My Wife And I Decided To Attend The Service On Sunday, June 8. One Day Before Beginning Chemo. That Day Changed Everything For Me.
As Father Mathias Started To Speak About Preparing Yourself, He Said We Had To Forgive Anyone We Were Harboring Ill Will Towards For Whatever They Had Done Against Us. I Couldn’t Believe How Freeing That Was. He Said Some People May Experience A Warm Feeling Or Tingling As They Prepare To Come Forward. I Had Come To Ask God To Heal Me Of Cancer. That I Wanted To Spend More Time On Earth And Grow Old With My Wife And Watch My Grandkids Grow Up. I Made A Covenant With God Deep Down In My Heart To Do Whatever He Asked If He Would Show Mercy On Me And Allow Me To Recover. This Was Totally Different From The “Deals Of The Head” We Make With God. “If You’ll Just Clear My Child’s Fever, God, I’ll Thank You Every Day Forever.” But When The Fever Is Gone, So Is The Promise To God. “If I Just Get A Good Grade On This Hard Exam, I’ll Praise You Every Day.” But When The Test Is Passed, So Is The Daily Praise. Deals Of The Head. I Made A Covenant “Of The Heart” And God Rewards Us When We Come To Him Sincerely And Turn To Him Asking For His Help. He Had No Reason, I Thought, To Answer My Prayer. I Hadn’t Practiced My Faith In Years, I Didn’t Pray Regularly, And Had Grown Pretty Far From Living In His Presence Or Following His Commandments.
Before The Alter Call, I Began To Perspire, Uncontrollable Perspiration. I Had A Oneness Of Purpose To Get To The Altar And Be Prayed On. By The Time I Got To Tom Naemi, I Was Soaked To The Skin From Perspiration. He Asked Me Why I Was There And I Told Him To Ask To Be Healed From Kidney Cancer. He Put His Hands On Me And Began To Pray. I Went Down. I Couldn’t Open My Eyes Or Move My Body. He Called Four Others To Put Their Hands On Me And Pray. I Could Hear Them All And Feel Them All, But Couldn’t Move. Once They Left, I Just Laid There. I Don’t Know How Long I Laid There. God Told Me Then Very Clearly That I Would Recover From Cancer, But Not Without Pain And Not Without Consequence For How Far I Had Grown Away From Him And The Extent He Had To Go To Get My Attention. Shortly Thereafter, I Decided To Get Up But When I Went To Move, I Still Couldn’t Open My Eyes Or Move My Body. I Then Realized My Legs Were Straight, Stiff And Trembling. I Had Seen Others Before Me Laying On The Floor Trembling And Now I Knew Why. So I Rested Back Until The Spasms And Trembling Stopped. I Decided A Second Time, To Get Up And My Eyes Opened And My Legs Relaxed And I Was Able To Stand. I Was Very Disoriented And Crying. I Looked For Kathy But Couldn’t Find Her. She Was Further Down The Line On The Floor. I Realized I Was In The Way And Went To Return To My Pew. I Walked To The Back Of The Church. Friends And Family Were There That I Had Walked Right Past On My Way To Get In Line And Never Saw. Oneness Of Purpose. I Was Still Crying As I Tried To Explain What Just Happened. I Couldn’t Explain What Just Happened. I Couldn’t Explain It Or Discuss It Without Crying For A Few Weeks. When We Left, Kathy And I Talked All The Way To Ann Arbor. She Had Told Tom That She Was There For Relief Of Her Arthritis So She Could Help Her Husband In His Battle With Cancer. Tom Asked If She Meant That Guy Down There, Pointing To Me. She Said Yes And He Said, “That Guys’ On Fire.” I Told Kathy What God Told Me When I Was On The Floor. I Told Her I Was Going To Recover, That I Would Be Okay. She Asked Me If I Was Going To Do The Chemo. I Said, “Yes, I Am Supposed To. I Was Told I Was Going To Be Healed And Survive, But That It Would Not Be Without Pain Or Without Consequence For How Far I Had Grown From God And What Lengths He Had To Go To Get My Attention.”
Monday Morning, I Started A Very Aggressive Chemo Plan. I Had Chemo With Two Drugs On Monday. On Tuesday, I Had 7 Hours Of Chemo With Three Drugs. Monday Night, In Bed In Ann Arbor, I Was Startled Awake By A Grotesque Dark Figure Right In My Face. It Was Head And Shoulders And Neck. I Bolted Upright In Bed In The Dark, But It Was Still There. I Pushed It Away With My Hands. I Laid Back Down, Breathing Hard, Trying To Figure Out What Just Happened. It Reappeared Just As Clear And Just As Close. I Sat Up And Pushed It Away Again. The Third Time, I Pushed And Yelled, “GET OUT OF HERE!” It Never Returned Again. I Had Faced The Devil And Cast Him Away.
Within Days, The Nausea Was Unbelievable And The Constipation Was Worse. I Was Miserable, But I Realized That I Wasn’t Afraid. I Haven’t Been Afraid Since I Received The Holy Spirit. I Have Been Praying Daily And Reading Devotionals Daily. The Constipation Nearly Hospitalized Me. A Few Weeks Into Treatment, I Developed Sores In My Mouth That Were Extremely Painful And Made Eating Very Difficult. My Immune System Bottomed Out Week 2 And 3. Pain And Consequences, But I’ll Be Okay. I Was Praying Multiple Times Daily And Began Reading The Bible. I Was Raised Catholic And Had Said The Rosary Thousands Of Times. For The First Time In My Life, I Was Praying It. Thoughtfully Praying It With Conviction. The Words I Had Spoken Thousands Of Times Had Whole New Meaning. I Can Hardly Get Through The Sorrowful Mysteries Without Crying When I Realize What Jesus Suffered For Us. The “Our Father” Is Completely Different When You Live By “Thy Will Be Done On Earth” And “As We Forgive Those Who Trespass Against Us”. I Always Used To Emphasize “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” And “Forgive Us Our Trespasses”, Asking For Mine But Not Willing To Carry The Other Side Of The Prayer. “And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil” Can Be Said Anytime All Day Long To Stay In The Presence Of God As He Tells Us To Do.
The Same Scriptures I’ve Heard All My Life Have New Meaning To Me Now. I Understand Jesus’s Parables. I See All Of The Bible’s Relevance To Today, To My Life. I See That Jesus’s Words Save Us. The Immeasurable Magnitude Of God’s Love For Us. The Road To Full Life With Peace And Joy, Him Keeping His Promises To Us If We Just Keep Ours To Him. As I Said Before, I Have No Fear. Imagine Being Able To Face Life-Threatening Cancer Without Fear. It Aids Your Recovery, I’ll Tell You. The Symptoms I Was Supposed To Have: Severe Nausea, Constipation, Mouth Sores, A Metallic Taste To All Of My Food, Difficulty Eating; I’ve Had Nothing Since The First Cycle. By The End Of Cycle 3, The CT Scan Showed The Cancer Around/In My Lymphatics Around My Aorta Was Gone. The Doctor Was Elated And Kept Going On And On About How Lucky We Were The Treatment Was Being So Effective. He Was Surprised By My Calm, Unexcited Demeanor And Kept Repeating How Great It Was. He Didn’t Realize That By The Time Of That Test, I Had Known It Was Gone For 3 Months And Had Been Thanking God For That Every Day.
I Strive Now To Stay In His Presence All Day Every Day. I Speak Out His Name For Support All Day Just To Bring My Awareness Back To HIM. For That, He Offers Us Love, Support And Forgiveness Beyond Our Comprehension. He Gives Us The Gift Of Another Day On Earth With Our Loved Ones. How Are You Going To Use That Gift Today? How Are You Going To Prepare To Use That Gift Again Tomorrow? Don’t Waste Those Gifts, These Days. Praise Him And Thank Him Every Day. Bring Your Wants And Needs To Him Every Day And He’ll Sort Them Through With You And Guide Your Choices That Day. Live Without Fear. Live In His Light Without Darkness. I Told Connie That She And Marlene Saved My Life, But Really They Saved My Eternity. I Went That Day For A Physical Healing. What I Received Was Definitely A Two-For-One; I Also Received A Spiritual Healing.
I Went To A Second Healing Service At Flint Holy Redeemer. I Went To Thank God For My Healing Of My Body And The Time He’s Giving Me On Earth. I Went To Thank Him For My Eternity. But I Also Went To Act As A Surrogate For The Granddaughter Of One Of My Best Friends. Katie Was Stricken With Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma At Age 17. A Great Christian Girl With Good Morals, Standards And Work Ethics; But Not Someone Who Has Received The Holy Spirit Yet. I Went And Asked God To Heal Her Of Her Cancer And Fill Her With The Holy Spirit For The Good She Would Do On This Earth In His Name. I Explained It To Father Mathias And Again Was Overcome With The Holy Spirit. As He And The Others Prayed Over Me For Katie, I Again Could Hear Their Words And Feel Their Touch But Not Open My Eyes Or Move My Body. I Was Aware Of My Stiff Legs And The Trembling And That I Was Crying, But I Again Couldn’t Open My Eyes Or Move. As Time Passed, I Could Open My Eyes, But Still Not Move. I Just Laid There Until The Spirit Settled In Me And Then I Was Able To Move And Get Up. I Feel Very Strongly That The Holy Spirit Came To Katie. She Is Just Now Beginning To Come To Grips With What All That Means. The Place Of Conceding To “Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven”. Her Grandparents, Who Have Received Jesus, Are Guiding Her To Understanding And Accepting That Giant, Eternity Changing Step Of Letting Go And Letting God. Stepping Out Of The Way To Allow His Will To Be Done In You, Through You. Whatever He Calls Us To Do. I Continue To Pray For Her Fully Giving Herself To God So She Can Know The Peace Of Being Safely And Eternally In His Hands.

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